Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's all over?

Routines make me put my pants on every morning.  I had a good one going: get up and go to school.  Now, it's over and all I have is free time. Too much free-time.

"Ohh Matt, shut-up. You're so lucky to have so much free time." You shut-up. I hate having too much free-time. It's maddening. 

It's weird to admit this, but I already miss the stress of school.  When life's falling apart around me, it's nice to have an assignment to go work on. 

Sure, I've wanted off this bipolarcoaster of hope and rejection.  Many times.  I'll curse and swear off writing for a lifetime only to return to it the next day.  It's a drug. The pen is my syringe and ink is my heroin.  Ink, the heroin of copywriters. If it's not injected onto paper, I don't feel as good about my day.  Maybe this is why Hemingway always wrote 500 words a day without exception.  It makes sense.  Keep the ink flowing and thoughts will do the same.  
So, I don't want to stop. I've got Bob the rock star art director on board with me and we're gonna get busy.

If I don't have a project to suck up my thinking time, I start evaluating life. Evaluating my life is annoying. This Tony Robbins guy pops up in my brain and starts with the motivational talk.  "Get out there and live! Meet new people! Go try something new! Now is your time! Seize your day! Be the Carpe of the Diem!" 

What's the difference between a self-motivational seminar and a new age cult?  Seriously, what is the difference?  They both sound the same and work the same. 

Neil French wrote a long copy piece about being trapped in the elevator with a rampant optimist for 6 hours. He laid out how to transform the happy-to-be-alive type into the please-death-come-now-and-end-this-misery.  I found it hilarious. Check it out for yourself:

Around here, everyone's left with a blank itinerary.  Saying "hi" is replaced with "what are we doing today? What are you doing tonight? We gotta do something really cool!" 
Sure, I agree. It's important live like you don't want to die. Sitting around is lame, but sitting around and stroking paper with a pen is great.  I've taken a real fancy to writing.  I don't write epic pieces, novels, or even great headlines. But, I write and it feels good to do it.

Then comes the problem of filling up the creative tank with inspiration.  I wish the walk to school would be enough, but it's not.  Traveling, experiencing something new, talking to a stranger.. those are great sources.  So we're gonna travel. 

I'm making like a gypsy and traveling around Europe. Berlin, Prague, and Vienna are on the itinerary.  I'm excited to see the places and go have fun. But I still want to write.

And I will. So, stay tuned for more. I love you.


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