Friday, September 18, 2009

Good things come to those who wander

Here's how my random day went.

Breakfast outside, perfect plate of keesh. Alongside the manly slice, an uber healthy salad full of enough greens to make a wardrobe for Adam and Eve.

Wandering around FeldstraBe, the artistic haven of Hamburg.  The collection of vintage clothes, designer graphic shirts, and odds and ends of wearable art blew my mind. 

My favorite stop was a place called Splash.  It's the showroom of four artists who bought the space to sell their work.  They make specialized rings with illustrations engraved into them.  If I ever get married, I want them to commission the ring.  I don't want the blank gold band.  I want a crazy design which captures the nature of the relationship with the unlucky lady who I lock down for a lifetime.  Maybe "Comp" engraved into one ring and "plete" into the other ring. It's a first thought. I'll beat it.  Better yet, the future wifey will come up with something amazing.  Or at least be on board with the idea.

Justin and I stumbled across a store in the middle of prepping for an art show. Free beer and new Casio Watch designs, rock on.

Like I said, good things come to those who wander. 


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