Wednesday, September 16, 2009

By the way. I done real good.

Here in Hamburg, it's hard to win an award. They don't hand them out willy nilly. There's no status quo for handing out awards, especially this quarter.  Reason being: a bunch of sub-par work was awarded to meet an award quota last quarter. So, now it's a straight up yay or neigh.
If the judges don't think something is awesome, they don't award it. End of story. 

It's terrifying to put a quarter's worth of work into ONE campaign and put it up on the wall with your big fat heart attached to it. 

I'm proud to say Bob the rock star art director and I threw down hard this quarter and have some congratulatory bling to show for it.

"Enjoy the dark side," a dark and twisted campaign for Pumpernickel Bread won gold. It's loaded with offensive but hilarious dark humor. I was nervous because you either hate it or love it, but we rolled the dice and came out on top. Yess.

We put out another campaign for a calorie-burning drink with a new media idea. Bottom lines. Write headlines about the product benefit on the bottom of the can. Simple and direct.  It took down a gold too. 

At the end of the day, school awards don't mean crap to a creative director (the guy/gal who decides whether or not to hire you). But, it feels good to have the ego stroked nonetheless.  

Want me to post the stuff up on here? If you ask really nicely, I just might. 


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