Saturday, February 20, 2010

Why I love Urgasm

One of my proudest moments with Ms. Jessica Urgo was penning "Urgasm" as a nickname. Now, onto the story of why I love Urgasm.

Jessica Urgo, a best friend of mine who's currently spending time with the deutsch bags in Hamburg, Germany, has haunted me with her eyes since October.

Here's the short story.  Urgo and I interned at Draft FCB Chicago for three months.  While at Draft FCB, Urgo decked out my cubicle with about two hundred pictures of her eyes. Only her eyes. Imagine a menacing stare from vivid green eyes. Always watching you. It was horrid.  I love Urgo but I don't love being watched by her.

I spent the rest of my time at Draft FCB finding pictures of the eyes. The same close up shot of her eyes staring intently into the observer.  Every time it was terrifying. Great prank.

Today, it got better.

I went to Bugaloo's for a late breakfast. I brought E.B. White's "The Elements of Style" because it's a great book on how to make every word tell.  No rambling.

As I'm working through the book and taking notes, they find me.

The eyes of Urgasm.

My favorite part is she created an even more terrifying version of the picture. The psychedelic stare. Well played, Urgo. Well played.


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