Wednesday, February 3, 2010

l'd like a metal pole please

What can't you find in San Francisco? Nothing.

For a campaign, I needed a seven foot tall pole. Alright, I'm not going to run to the nearest home depot. I'm sticking to my hood because I know I can find whatever I need here in the Mission.

Sure enough, a "Julio's Hardware" appeared after a few blocks of wandering with open eyes.  The place was started before San Francisco existed. It was cluttered like an agoraphobe's basement moments before they pass on.  The entrance was a tunnel carved out between aged boxes and tools piled atop each other.  Anything made of metal involving a functional purpose in the nature of handymannesss was buried within this 200 x 12 foot cove.

The owner was fast approaching a century of existence but had a grip like a vice clamp. "Whatcha need son?"

Ten minutes later and I leave with a seven foot tall galvanized aluminum pole. Awesome.


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