Sunday, August 16, 2009

I take back all the mean things I said

Carbonation.  It dominates every soft drink and water bottle in this town.  For a month and half, I've cursed it's existence and called it the fizz demon.  It burns my tongue.  It scratches my throat. 

Tonight, everything changed when I had my first glass of Prosecco wine.  From the German countryside, this teardrop shaped dark green bottle has the look of a classic, timeless wine.  I've never had or heard of Prosecco, all I knew was it's a white wine. Sounds good. Let's do it.  

The cork was a nightmare, it ripped in half while removing it. Luckily, the second half came out in one whole piece so I didn't have to spit out cork shards after every sip.

The final piece popped open into my hand. It didnt' have the velocity of champagne, but it still packed some heat.  Then I saw it.  A lazy white cloud pouring out of the bottles opening.  It was carbonated wine.  I'm too poor to throw the bottle out and get a new one, so I gave it a swig.  

The Prosecco wine rocked my mouth like a Led Zeppelin encore.  Perfectly carbonated, it's gentle fizz worked to enhance the flavors instead of perform a tap dancing solo in my mouth.  Wow, I finally found a carbonated drink I like (excluding soft drinks).  

Way to go Germany. 


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