Monday, August 24, 2009

Fight the Sandman

Saturday started with waking up at 10:34 am. I had to show up for brunch by 11am.  Was it worth getting out of bed? Do I fight off the allures of cotton sheets to go out for brunch?

How can you say no to brunch for under 5 euro?  I love a good deal, almost as much as I love sleep.  It was time to get up.  I sprung out of my day bed and threw the sheets across the room. Justin, awoken by the deafening ensemble of ricketing from the day bed made of aged drift wood and fastened by flimsy screws, looked at me with shock and daze. 

"Am I dreaming?" Justin's eyes were coated in a pinkish glaze from falling asleep ony a few hours earlier.  "Are you seriously awake right now and I'm not?"  Before I could answer, his eyes failed to fight off his heavy lids. He pulled the sheets over himself and returned to a deep slumber.

I had to make brunch. I got up and stayed up.  Cold shower, grab the keys, sprint down the steep stair case.  

Wow, I haven't included any pictures of the apartment have I?  I will post them soon. 

Back to the story.  I rented a bike and furiously pedaled across the park and into the Reperbahn.  Park the bike, continue on foot.  Past the random German patrons passed out on the cobblestone streets after partying too hard.  Keep moving.  Past the hookers calling it a night and heading home.  Onward to brunch.  

Do I know exactly where it is? No.  Have I gotten lost for hours before when operating on the same situation? Yes. 

Am I screwed? Probably.

Do I have enough time to finish the story right now? Unfortunately I don't. 

Stay tuned. 

I love you.


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