Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The human blob

Another day in Germanic paradise. Almost.

I have to give props to the park.  The upkeep and vegetation is nicer on my eyeballs than any other park I've run through.  With so many tiny dirt trails and stone walkways, it feels like a scenic forest more than a city park.  It's so nice to run through here because you feel like you've escaped to the country.

I wouldn't call what I've been doing running, it's more like an extended power walk with a skip added to it.  Pretty embarrassing to see the shape I've digressed to. 

Miami Ad School is one of the worst things you can do to your body.  With a hodge podge schedule, you can have classes in te morning or at night.  It's always stressful and you're always coming up with your ideas way later in the process than you had hoped.  Working out meeting times with your group is never easy.  All of these things combine to screw over your personal life.  When this happens, you get stress and lack of sleep.  Couple the stress and lack of sleep with eating cheap food and living at happy hours and you get fat.  

When I came here, I was warned by the graduating students about the cycle and it's repercussions.  Yeah right, there was no way it could happen to me.  Then it did.  Now it's time to turn it around.  

For all you ad schoolers reading this, you know what I'm talking about.  I encourage you to take a good hard look at your day to day life.  Sure, every assignment is important, but so is your health.  What's the point of getting a great job if we're gonna drop at 33?

Justin, the new roommate and I, talked about this over dinner last night at Michaelangelo's.  Michaelangelo's is an Italian spot located about fifteen feet from our apartment.  It has a green, handwritten cursive sign and multiple umbrellas lined up to provide a mini circus tent-sized awning.  THese beige colored square umbrellas must be at least 20 feet wide, easily the biggest I've ever seen.  THey're all anchored to cast iron anchors to keep from blowing away.  

As Justin and I worked our way through bruschetta with mounds of freshly sliced tomatoes and several different cheese topped on a local German bread; we figured out how to this cycle of letting your body fall apart around.  There's a rent a bike program here in Hamburg and throughout Europe where you can rent a these decent red framed bikes with lights, gears, and a bell.  Here's the best part:  it's free if you rent it for less than thirty minutes,  it's 5 Euros if you rent it for more.  The bike ride from home to school is 21 minutes. It's perfect!

Also, I'm done with enjoying the daily .5 L bottle of beer. The problem here is beer is cheaper than juice.  Beer is cheaper than water too.  And beer is delicious, everything is from Germany, or even Hamburg so without the import and advertising costs; it's one Euro per bottle (remember these bottles are basically twice the size of American beer bottles).

Anyways, it's time to get healthy.  With such scenic parks and a decent mix of outdoor events. I'm ready to get my butt into shape and be a bit more disciplined.  We'll so how it plays out. 

Thanks for listening.  If you have any suggestions on how to handle a crazy schedule, I'm all ears.


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