Monday, July 27, 2009

Amsterdam, you old snake in the trousers.

Amsterdam is the world's biggest meat market of indulgence. Come here, bring your cash, and be satisfied. 

With everything made legal, or at least available, the choices are too great.  The first-timers meander through the city like it's an extended garage sale and some prize is hidden deep underneath.   They pace about the city like a baby stumbling through  a play area the first time.  Determined to find the best weed, the best psychotropic mushroom, or the best hooker, people never settle on anything until they grow tired of walking.  And grow tired of walking you do within the first half-hour of consciously watching how you plant every footstep on the uneven cobble stone.

The architecture: some people come for it but no-one believes them.  Then, you actually go to Amsterdam and see why it's not an excuse to inhale deeply at strategic locations.  The architecture screams with potential for a Spiderman movie.  Every neo-gothic and post romantic detailing gives more for the already over-whelmed eyes to feast upon.

The man who may best remember Amsterdam and all of it's details is a man without sight.  In the city, or in thought, it's easy to get lost amidst the worldwide mix-up of tourists, the drug shops, and hookers.

Where does this story begin and where does it end?

Stay tuned and I'll walk you through as best I can.  Expect to hear about the autobahn, the strawberry field sprint, the torture, the confrontation with the locals, and the hostel above one of Amsterdam's most popular bars.


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