Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Back track a little bit, I left out my experience at the hostel. 

So here we go: 

On the 9th, We stayed the night at the Langdunsbrucken Youth Hostel. Joe was blown away at the location and quality of this place. It pays to listen to the local recommendations. At 20 Euros a night, this place beat out a lot of American hotels. If it had a bigger locker space, I would have stayed for the entire trip at this place. Amazing.  

The breakfast was delicious. It was a college cafeteria layout of foods and beverage options ranging from German pastries with different fillings of delicious fruits and sweetened pastes to espresso machines.  

If I loved coffee, this place would be a dream come true. There were several different freshly ground pots brewing at the same time.  Seriously, I wanted to stay here for the full three months.  All it needed was eggs and I would have locked it down.

The pastries were incredible.  They were laid out in a vasty array.  

 I fashioned myself a promiscuous chai.  Not many people are  fan of this drink.  But, it's a cup of coffee mixed with hot chocolate and a chai bag is brewed in it.  Justin, my new roommate here at the apartment, describes it as Christams gone bad.  I think it's amazing. It tastes like a spicy hot chocolate. Fantastache.

Joe and I ventured throughout the port of Langdunsbrucken. It started off strong as we came across a silver woman. Remeber the silver men in the big cities like Chicago and San Fran who stand motionless on a box until you drop in a quarter or a dollar?  Same thing, except she wasn't wearing glasses.  It's creepy and gives the person less of a statuesque appearance as they eye ball you from afar.

Moving along we discovered the Rickmer RIckmer. I thought it was a tall ship docked for the night, but once we saw the pamphlets and attractions, i realized it was a tourist attraction. Crap. I'm such a tourist.  Attracted to the big ship like a moth to a night light.

It was time for Joe to go to his home and set up camp. We ventured over to the sirichstrasse and Joe got to meet Nicholai. Nicholai is a 27 year old starting up his own company.

Once Joe realized he couldn't move in until tomorrow, we moved his stuff to Brian's place nearby and headed over to my apartment to meet up with Mr Justin Stielow.

Justin was the last to arrive and the last to find out the dream apartment for all of us didn't work out and we were scrounging about the city.  Coming off a week and a half long bender in the States, Justin was exhausted but had to kill 7 hours in the bar until we met up with him at 7pm.  Then we went out for a belated celebration of my birthday.  This is another story for the next post.  Stay tuned comrades.


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