Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Three Points for Griffindor

This story came from the little sister of a friend of a best friend of mine and it's still great.

Emma Watson is a pre-med student at Brown University.  Apparently Hermione, Harry Potter's uber studious best friend, wasn't too foreign of a character to her.

Our story takes place at Emma's Organic Chemistry class at Brown.  Emma sits in the front row to avoid excess attention and help her focus on class content.  The teacher loves to quiz his students on the fly and today he targets Emma with a hard question about covalent bonds.

Emma pauses, thinks, and answers.  She gets it right.  Then, the inevitable happens from the back row.


The class erupts with laughter.  Everyone, including the teacher, wheez, cough, and roar with delight. Everyone except Emma who took in stride and took it in silence.

True story.

Twenty bucks says the guy who yelled it out only took the class for that opportunity.  I know I would have, which leads to my story of using a pre-med class to try to get a date.  I'll tell it next time so stay tuned.


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