Thursday, August 19, 2010

Their words taste like a plumber's hankerchief

It's hard to be a writer in advertising.  Duh.

I try to keep my subconscious loaded with quality content of Hemingway, Dostoyevsky, and Jersey Shore (kidding).  But when I see tags like "Treat your eyes to a feat of surprise" plastered across a bus for Cirque De Solei, I feel the creative feces return to rot the brain like Bon Jovi doing a reunion tour in Jersey.

Bitching about it won't do any good.  I'm done ranting and complaining, it's time to find inspiration which means I need to get after the creative scene out here in Chicago. 

I don't have a major cash flow to hit up every rock show across town, but I've heard whisperings of a decent creative scene in this city.  It's yet to be seen by yours truly.  I won't lose heart, and I'll start asking around a little more.  And when / if I find a few decent spots, I'll write them up here for the one person who still reads this after my fourth month hiatus.  I love you mom.


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