Monday, March 15, 2010

What about the pictures?

"Ohh Matt where are all the pictures on your blog?"

I'd be snapping the pixels, but when I flew out here my charger cord was stolen from my camera pack.  My camera pack was in my checked bag.  The checked bag which was cracked open and rummaged through. Mind you, my camera was in my carry on where it couldn't be handled and ransacked.

What a bunch of bastards. When they saw a camera bag, their docile eyes must have come to life.  I bet they were pissed when they found no camera and my handwritten note saying "No camera for you, you dirty, dirty baggage handler."

How do I know they found the note? Because it was gone, along with my camera charger cable.  My guess is when they realized I anticipated their sticky hands, they stole the charger cable out of spite. So dirty.

If you learn anything from my word-heavy blog, I'm happy with this being it: take your entire camera situation on the plane with you.  Anything you check, you leave behind.

Yes, I've been meaning to replace the charger cord, but never got around to it.  I'll get it done before I head down to LA. I hope.


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