Sunday, March 14, 2010

What isn't cliche out here?

Meeting celebrities in California. Could I be anymore cliche?  Then again, what isn't cliche in San Francisco?

In a city born out of individualism and a great port for seaside imports and exports, how aren't you a cliche in anything you do out here?  Ohh here I am, a writer looking for his first gig. Heard it before.

Ohh there goes a unique rebel strutting about in her neon blue leggings, black combat boots, and Where's Waldo hoodie. She has a guitar slung across her back and walks around sporting a scowl that says "This world is as bitter as the lemon I sucked five minutes ago. Now I'm taking it out on you with my sour-faced stare." Seen it before.

So, when I saw someone I recognize from a tv sitcom , how do I react? Go for the signature? Shake hands? Tell him you love his work and he's amazing?  All of the above are cliche. It's all been done before out here.  How can anyone be original when it's all been done before?  

You can't. So it comes to the age-old truth: good creatives borrow, great creatives steal.  Yes, I'll steal. I'll use a line his character says in his sitcom. A reference so abstract he'll realize I'm a nerdy fanboy and hopefully this opens up a conversation instead of the brush-off everyone else gets when they say "Oh my GOD it's you! You're so great can I get a picture with you? Wait, will you sign this shirt I just took off?" 

Yeah, this feels like it might work. Oh but wait, he's gone. He left the dive bar and took my chance of living out a California cliche.  Back to playing pool with random hipsters in a dive bar. Back to another cliche. 


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