Sunday, December 27, 2009

What a cold tease

Granite Peak, the half-mile high mountain of Wausau, Wisconsin claims 70 runs and a medley of terrain parks for snowboarders and skiers to tackle.  I don't know how, but they pulled off their claims.

It was a great time, well worth the $30 it costs for four hours of night boarding.  I love and hate snowboarding. It reminds me why cold weather rocks and what I hate most about Chicago: flatness. When Chicago grows a mountain, I'll call it a great city.

Now I remember why I'm jealous of friends in Montana, Colorado, Canada ... well maybe not Canada. As humbling as it is to strap into a snowboard and ride like the people I used to make fun of when I was the regular and they, the novices, it was still worth it.  Well done Wausau, you frozen tease.

Of course, Granite Peak is a glorified bunny hill in comparison to the Rockies, the Alps, or Whistler out in Canada ... but it's still a taste of the good times to be had when you strap your feet into a board.


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yes! finally an update! its been a while since michael

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