Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It was the worst of times. It was the best of times.

I woke up. It was 11:21am and my roommate walked in to have lunch. 11:21am. I had to present to the Jack Daniel's client at 11:30am.

"Oh hey you're here bro." -Jonathon
"NO. NO I'M NOT. NO NO NO NO." -Matt

Clothes were thrown on without breaking stride as I went from my room to the presentation room twelve blocks away in fifteen minutes flat.

I arrived. The presentation had come to an end minutes before. Fuck.

Apologies were made and "Hang in there buddy" pats of consolation were given.  We parted ways, the top level creatives returned to a meeting while I sauntered off with my disappointed 6'9" art director hovering over me like a saddened mountain.

What a day. Time for lunch, Chicago style. Pizzeria Uno, but not Uno, Due. Uno was often overcrowded like it was today. So, for such occasions, Uno made Due which was empited apart from a few fortunate souls who got a great show.

Why did they get a great show? It started with me overhearing a cute, brunette waitress's lament about the frustrations of internet dating. It progressed to me telling my story of how I got an arch-nemesis in my life thanks to Most importantly, it ended with giving her my number and getting the cutest smile I've seen in a long, long time.

Stay tuned. Hopefully, more good news will follow.


Jessica Rose said...

You missed discussing the entire stand up routine she did, with sound effects, and completely acted out scenes of falling over as a drunk room mate "HE DIDN"T ILKE ME BECAUSE I WAS TOO HIPSTER!!..... BASTARD" as the old people stare and laugh.

Also, the "urgo comment" at the end- yes, that unnecessary thing when what you said was already funny, that urgo adds to just make things awkward and uncomfortable.

However, despite that, she did save your ass earlier.

She hopes to be invited to the wedding.

<3 Urgo

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