Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving. One Deep.

When I moved into the apartment 190 feet high in the heart of Chicago, I was shocked my haberdasher roommates kept the blinds down.  Floor to ceiling windows with a stunning view of the Chicago river and Magnificent Mile and the $*%*$* windows are covered up?

Fast forward two months and I finally understand. Sure, it's beautiful but you always see the same thing and the sun reflects off the building to create a magnified sun spot in your eye.  As much as I love natural light, I rarely find the effort to pull up all six giant window covers.

Thanksgiving weekend was a great time. Props to Ms Rachel Schwarz for organinzing an army of twelve mid-twenty gobblers.  There was food, beer, wine, and multiple rounds of celebrity.  Pace, having a mustache doesn't make you a celebrity. Douche.

The rest of the weekend was played out solo. I was uber productive. A very good writer. I left my external at work so I didn't have Zombieland and fifty plus other movies to kill time watching. Unfortunately, Band of Brothers had a two day marathon going. Yes. It dominated my Friday. Sooo good.

I'm rambling and I'm sorry.  Odds are you didn't read this far, but if you did. I love you. Stay tuned and I'll throw in some pixels next time. I promise.


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