Monday, October 12, 2009

Bromeo & Juliet

Yesterday I was talking with my friend Jonathon about the aftermath and carnage of the break up. Friends you lose, clothes you never see again, and pets you never get to play with ended up being the top three fatalities. As we talked more, we stumbled upon a truth many relationship-enders face: the Bromeo & Juliet syndrome.

The Bromeo & Juliet syndrome is based off the premise when you break up with someone, you break up with their friends. Here's where it sucks for anyone who became good friends with a friend of the once-significant other.

Despite how deep the secondhand connection may bet rooted, the truth still holds: when you break-up with someone, you break-up with their friends.

Thus, the Bromeo & Juliet situation occurs to those losing a dear fried of a once boy/girlfriend. All things considered, if all you face is the Bromeo & Juliet syndrome after a break-up; you did pretty damn good.


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